Guitar Deposit/Payment


This is how to place the order for your next Lil Trees Guitar. From here, you can make one full payment, partial payments (used to build up the amount due after deposit has been made), or the initial deposit amount(when deposit is received; I will contact you with model specific options and the required info about your custom guitar).

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Lil trees Guitars will require a deposit upfront to be used as a down payment to cover materials, hardware, electronic components and gig bag for your standard or custom model guitar. Hard cases are available but not included. Lil Trees Guitars are handmade and require a great deal of time to create. Hard cases cost me a lot to have made and they are not cheap. The deposit/down payment is the same amount for all guitar models: $1000.00.

When deposit is received, I will reach out to you via Email and send along an options list for the specific model you’ve selected to have made. When I have the options for your guitar all mapped out and added up, I can assemble the actual price for the build. (for standard models the full price is as high as it can go. you will decide between colors for paint and hardware). Most builds are completed in a three to six month window of time.

I look forward to helping make dreams come true, talk to you soon.