WizKid 6001 Trembucker
(bridge position “F-spaced” or “Trembucking” style humbucker)

String spread (E to e) = 53.0mm
DCR = 21.0k ohms
Henries = 12.75 L
Cap = .018 uf
Field Strength = 24.0 mT


Single build polyurethane insulated 44awg magnet wire, special charged Alnico 8 bar magnet with dual slug coils.

Do not let the high DC resistance fool you into thinking this is a output humbucker. The use of alnico 8 charged to these specifications brings in a full and even responsiveness forming a great EQ for top strings and low. I feel it to be the nicest sounding trembucker I have ever heard. A perfect compliment to a single coil neck pickup.