Do not let the high DC resistance fool you into thinking this is a “hot” or “hi output” humbucker. The use of an alnico 2 bar magnet paired with high resistance dual slug coils and an open cover create the even string response and full tone you will come to depend on. The Wiz Kid 6001 is one of the smoothest and full sounding trembuckers available.

WizKid 6001 Trembucker
(bridge position "F-spaced" or "Trembucking" style humbucker)

String spread (E to e) = 53.0mm
DCR = 21.0k ohms
Henries = 14.3 L
Cap = .020 uf
Field Strength = 24.0 mT
Resonant Frequency = 2.350 kHz


Single build polyurethane insulated 44awg magnet wire, special charged Alnico 2 bar magnet with dual slug coils.