Our Stud/Bud model mini humbucker creates a large and wide version of your strings sound. The Stud/Bud has better hum canceling ability than any PAF style pickup I have heard. Creating tight, dynamic low-end response and polite and present treble response made possible by the smaller magnetic window of this pickup. The Stud/Bud has smooth and flat string response that will bring your chord sound and balance to a whole new dimension. Once you experience how well behaved and full the treble response is, playing leads will feel like a treat. With its specially charged magnet and two Polyurethane insulated coils, the Stud/Bud is something you can really lean into. The one stop shop kinda pickup.

Epiphone style Mini-humbucker (bridge position)

String spread (E to e) = 50.0mm
DCR = 20.00 k ohms
Henries = 13.5 L
Cap = -.020 uf

Field Strength = 34.0 mT


The Lil Trees Stud/Bud bridge model humbucker is wound with 44 single build polyurethane insulated magnet wire. Using a special degaussed alnico 8 magnet with a raw steel bar lug made from 1010 steel and pole pieces made from 1018 steel. The frame and cover are made from nickel silver. Comes standard with 18″ of four conductor hookup wire for multi voicing wiring applications.