buzz cut

P.A.F. style humbucker set


Double slug F-spaced/trembucker

tech bro

Strat sized mini humbucker


Epiphone style mini humbucker

Lil Trees Guitars Line of guitar and bass pickups are all hand wound in Portland, Oregon, USA. We use the best materials available for purchase; from places like Michigan, Illinois and North Carolina. For potting pickups; we use wax purchased from small, locally based bee keepers. I’ll either find the wax for sale around town or discover it while out on camping trips. The pickups are listed here as our stock wind recipes. The pickups we wind are not just copies of other more famous pickup designs.

Many many hours of winding coils, reading coils with meters, learning what variable a given measurement represents, both on paper and in the ears. learning to control the various variables concerning magnet selection, magnet charging technique, wire insulation, wire gauge selection and potting technique have gone into the making of what we’re calling our standard model pickups. These recipes are precisely what are put to use in our line of Lil Trees Guitars.

If you’re after a new custom wound pickup or are simply having a stock pickup rewound; we can help! You have questions? In most cases, we have answers and opinions that could help you to have the best pickup(s) you have ever heard. Custom winds start at $100 for singles and around $200 for buckers. We can also rewind your vintage, dead pickup. We rewind with the correct wire and insulation, to the correct output. When you have the Trees in your court, it’s only a matter of time til you’re breezin’ again. Send us an email, lets build some stuff!