My current base price for a standard model complete with case is $3495.00

If you’re after a certain color, hardware component, or there are additional features you envision your custom guitar having; it would be best to have all of this noted up front. This will help me to provide you the most accurate quote. This is why I require a deposit up front. A deposit up front will give me an opportunity to calculate the total for additional features you’ve selected and to purchase and gather all of your instruments parts and materials. I make guitars by hand, so I have a blue print of every guitar I’ve ever made. Making a perfect blue print requires all parts to be in the room while drafting. Once the guitar’s blue print is approved by both of us, I will begin cutting wood to make a perfect guitar off of the perfect blue print we’ve agreed on.

If I end up finding out that you made the deposit on accident or while you were drunk or something silly; I’ll happily return whats left of your deposit after bank / pay pal fees. If you back out after we’ve completed your blue print, you forfeit your ability to have your deposit refunded in full and you will pay bank / pay pal fees and receive a $250 your bad fee for wasting my time. If you back out after I’ve cut wood; you forfeit your entire deposit. I am 100% dead serious about these things and need you to be too.

To place an order: There is a $1000 instrument design & consultation deposit. This payment is used to purchase all materials including the case. The final balance will be due before instrument will be shipped.

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Lil Trees Guitars is, by choice, a two brothers shop. As such, production is limited, which allows for us to go over every last detail. In this environment, construction cannot be sped up to meet increases in demand; which may result in a waiting list. Please inquire about current wait times: