The Buzzcut bridge model humbucker fits the bill if you are looking for a bridge pickup that will have some heft in the lower range. Matched with just the right amount of control in the hi end range. The Buzzcut bridge model pickup is sure to become your new favorite thing about your guitar. This model comes with a special charged Alnico 8 magnet that helps to create the unbelievable output that will keep up with anything you throw at it. Wound with a 43awg single build plain enamel insulated wire, making for a classic sounding pickup with a more modern output.


P.A.F Gibson style humbucker (bridge position)

String spread (E to e) = 50.0mm
DCR = 14.00 k ohms
Henries = 8.10 L
Cap = -.027 uf

Field Strength = 36.0 mT


The Lil Trees Buzzcut bridge model humbucker is wound with 43 single build plain enamel insulated magnet wire. Using a special degaussed alnico 8 magnet with slugs made from 1215 steel and fillister head pole pieces made from threaded short cut 1022 steel. The frame and cover are made from nickel silver. Comes standard with 18″ single conductor braided vintage style hookup wire. Made in the USA.