(Wax potting and information)

A well wound coil will not “need” potting. Potting can be used as a measure one can take to change the L and C measurements. Wax, when as a liquid, is thin. When it dries or is cool in temp, it expands. Having an expanding liquid in the coil, will do interesting things. I would encourage you to mess around with wax viscosity and the dunk time. Pay attention to factors with the heat; like: (How much is needed to keep the wax at a constant temp?) A good rule of thumb is this; when your inductance goes down, your capacitance goes with it. Another way to view it is like this; when your inductance goes up, you are losing treble; you are effectively gaining a new low at the loss of your highest of highs. Potting can work against you; it is possible to pot the character out of a pickup.