Lil Trees Guitars instrument repair.

I am more than happy to take a look at you acoustic or electric fretted instruments and am qualified and have the experience necessary to meet the expectations of the most demanding musician.

I can have you guitar road ready and setup to you specs (string height/string type) with studio ready intonation the attention to detail that will leave you with an overall better instrument.

1926 Martin 000-18 bar wire refret

Custom walnut Strat refinish

Custom, handmade pick-guard

1903 Albert Shutt mando neck reset/refret

1941 Silvertone Crest model archtop rebuild

I spend a fair amount of time making guitars, guitar effects and guitar and bass pickups. I do also offer to repair peoples guitars as long as it is not too crazy of a project.

I have a great track record of returning peoples instruments on time and with the requested work preformed well and at a reasonable rate. I have a selection of GHS brand strings on hand. If you would like another string set or brand of string you will need to bring them with you to the shop when you come to drop your guitar off to be repaired.

Please don’t hesitate to call and schedule a time for drop off and I can get started making the necessary repairs to get you through this next tour or studio date.

All contact info is in contact or at the bottom of every page.  Thanks again.