Lil Trees Guitars instrument repair

1926 Martin 000-18 bar wire refret

Custom walnut Strat refinish

Custom, handmade pick-guard

1903 Albert Shutt mando neck reset/refret

1941 Silvertone Crest model archtop rebuild

I spend a fair amount of time making my guitars, guitar effects, and guitar and bass pickups. With the amount of time, I spend keeping up with my building; These days I am no longer performing repair work through Lil Trees Guitars.

I do offer to install any pickup set sold for free (when you pick them up locally and are willing to pay for the pickups and leave your guitar with me for a day of two). I will go through and set it up with a new set of strings and the new pickups you purchased and get it right back to you.

If you need repair on your Lil Trees Guitar. Do not hesitate to get in touch! The fastest way to do so would be to send an email with your guitar, pickup, or pedals serial number and what the issue happens to be.

All contact info is in contact or at the bottom of every page.  Thanks again.