Wizard Friend: (long scale length electric guitar)

The Wizard Friend is the Lil Trees version of a modern guitar. Taking influence from the Ibanez, Rickenbacker, Gibson and Fender guitar companies. The Wizard Friend is a long looking, flat topped, offset one piece swamp ash body with front and back contouring; making for the comfort of play one should expect from a hi end modern guitar. There is plenty of room for your fingers and hand when playing the guitar's upper register because of the offset body and double cut away horn section with pointed corners. The swamp ash body allows for a nice loud string sound with complex overtones and with the proper technique, sympathetic string sound can be heard when playing the extended string range between the bridge and top loader tail piece. The extended string range area can also double as a single string pitch up bender used to bend a minor chord major. I feel it's the little features you get out of the body and hardware layout that help to make the Wizard Friend the most expressive and versatile guitar I make.

The neck wood for this guitar was selected for its harmonic complexities and strength. African mahogany is a strong board and is also a porous wood species. Making it the perfect wood type to be used with the bright honest voice from the swamp ash body. To make the deal even sweeter, the guitar has the 25.5" scale length and rosewood fingerboard assembled using hot hide glue with set neck construction. These elements are what give the Wizard friend its signature quick and responsive tone and feel.  Great volume and chord tone and character from the porous African mahogany neck wood and the bell like tone and stable tuning of the famous 25.5" scale length. The Wizard friend is a wonderful combination of building techniques and materials that together, make up the aggressive looking and versatile sounding wizard friend.

Pickups used for this model are the Buzzcut humbucker neck/bridge set. These pickups are made in house and are wound specifically for the resonance of the guitar they are a part of. The neck model has low output coils with heavy insulation and a custom charged Alnico four magnet. The bridge model is custom wound to a modern output using single build plain enamel magnet wire on top of a custom charged Alnico eight magnet. Giving the player the ability to express all the subtle nuance and tones from the guitar. These two pickups are run through a custom voiced Lil Trees volume, treble, bass circuit. The circuit operates on a 250k ohm load with the bass control wired in reverse; allowing for more mids and treble when the bass is rolled off. The treble control is a standard low pass filter for this model. The electronic selection for this guitar is the best of both worlds, classic rock neck pickup tones paired with the volume and clarity you can get out of a modern bridge pickup. With the custom circuit and superior tone woods, you too will see just how easy it is to fall in love with this piece of modern art.

Wizard Friend Demo Video


Body: One piece Swamp Ash

Neck: one-piece African Mahogany

Set neck construction.

Indian Rosewood fingerboard

25.5" scale length

12″ radius

22 frets

Hand carved bone nut

1-3/4″ nut width

15-degree head stock angle

Eastern hard maple head cap veneer

Handmade one-way truss rod (Installed with curved slot and hard maple fillet.)

The Wizard Friend electric guitar is made standard with a one-piece Swamp Ash body. A wildly unique shape is the Wizard Friend, with its smooth lines and tough looking cornered horns. People will be asking you about this one. Boasting both top and back contouring, flat top design with fall away upper horn area and set neck construction. Once the Wizard Friend meets with your hands, you will feel the energy that this one of a kind rock and roll machine has to offer. You will have your new breadwinner.


Neck pickup: Buzz cut humbucker

Bridge pickup: Buzz cut humbucker

Master volume, treble, bass control circuit with three-way toggle switch.


Clear satin nitro lacquer finish comes standard on body.

Neck wood will be buffed to gloss.

Head cap will be painted black with gold lettered decal and buffed.