The Buzzcut neck model humbucker will surely win you over, both with its superior tonal ability and good looks. Being wound with a heavy polyurethane insulated wire, its coils retain every single nuance of your instruments string sound. In addition to having a well EQ’d coil set; Buzzcut model humbuckers also come standard with an Alnico 4 magnet gaussed down to our factory specs. Making the highs come singing out with authority and control. Tight and vocal lows with all the articulation and separation one needs out of a neck humbucker style pickup. There is no coming down from this place.


P.A.F Gibson style humbucker (neck position)

String spread (E to e) = 49.2mm
DCR = 6.76 k ohms
Henries = 3.75 L
Cap = -.059 uf

Field Strength = 28.0 mT



The Lil Trees Buzzcut neck model humbucker is wound with 42 heavy polyurethane insulated magnet wire. Using a specifically charged alnico 4 magnet, with slugs made from 1215 steel, and fillister flat head pole pieces made from long cut threaded 1018 steel. The frame and cover are made from nickel silver. Comes standard with 18″ single conductor braided vintage style hookup wire. Made in the USA.