Tall Friend: (medium long scale length electric guitar)

The Tall Friend is a Lil Trees take on those famous telecaster guitars. Who hasn't had a Tele rule a few years of your life? There is a lot of guitar in a telecaster. A lot of guitar to inspire you. In my opinion, the best sounding Telecasters I have ever heard have all had swamp ash bodies. I feel that swamp ash restricts less or changes the sound the strings less than any other body wood I have ever used. In my opinion, it is the single most important element to include in the recipe if you're after the huge and dynamic guitar. Capable of that ripping air in half quality that a lightweight solid body guitar can have. This is precisely why it is the selected and preferred body wood for the Tall Friend model. This isn't all that's used to make up the signature tone of a Tall Friend electric guitar. Each premium grade, contoured swamp ash body is topped with a perfectly quartered, tight and straight grained, hand carved Oregon Douglas Fir top. These two woods together make up the Tall Friends signature look and sound. A combination that has never been paired before, that is sure to impress you with its robust volume and honest clear character.

The neck wood and scale length are very unlike the guitar that inspired the body wood of the Tall Friend. The neck wood and scale length were selected for a couple of reasons. My favorite guitars I have ever played were always the Martin Parlor guitars. Specifically, the 24.9" scale length instruments. I feel this scale length offers a player the most "drivers" or "hands on" feel to guitar playing. It's like driving a stick shift car. You can feel everything, you can over strum, over bend and come in too clumsy and hear/feel the effect. I have always felt that the 24.9" scale length is unlike all others. It also has a very uncommon saddle orientation that is required for perfect intonation that is unlike most every other electric guitar. The Tall friend neck has more to do with pre-war acoustic guitars than it does any electric guitar I could have drawn from. This is also the reason I elected to use Genuine Mahogany for neck wood. Whenever I've spent a good deal of time with a guitar, acoustic or electric, and am unable to put it down; the instrument will undoubtedly have a mahogany neck. I feel that mahogany does a better job of allowing two or more notes to blend in a more open or musical way than any other neck woods. Making for a more full or warm tonal character as opposed to the more sparkly, independent and articulate tone of a wood like maple or other heavier porous or non-porous neck woods out there. Sticking with the craftsman's tradition from older acoustic guitars; The Tall friend model is equipped with a pointed volute, 15-degree headstock angle, compression style truss rod and a hand carved bone nut.

*Electronically, the Tall friend is anything but traditional. The tall friend electronics are expressive and easily transformed. I will explain this here.

*First: The Pickups; The pickups in this guitar were both designed for this instrument’s frequency responsiveness. The custom Stud/Bud neck pickup is a more woody and mellow version of the TechBro with a lower strength magnet that makes for its snappy single coil sound. The Stud/Bud bridge pickup is a big sounding mini humbucker with deep bass, open mids and subtle, clear highs. Together, these pickups are always hum canceling, full sounding and as clear as a bell.

*Second: The standard Lil trees guitars Volume, Treble, Bass circuit. Tall Friends are wired a little bit different than any other Lil Trees circuit in that it operates on a 100k ohm load. Like the old Sears Harmony, Silvertone or Danelectro electric guitars. A little warmer or woody in their feel through the amplifier when compared to the more common 250k/500k generic volume/tone application. In few words, this makes for a different resonant frequency in the circuit.

*Third: In addition to the first two features, each pickup is equipped with a push-button mini switch giving a Dark/bright setting. This allows for both pickups to have a full power signal that is great for clean tones or warm over driven tones. In the bright setting, you can create some charming country tones or thin chord sounds, but, more importantly, you can create some of the most tough and gnarly fuzz/distortion tones when you put a dirt pedal between your guitar and the amp. This ability to snarl and growl is certainly the tall friends secret weapon. It can be the sweetest thing you've ever heard while having the ability to smoke any other guitar with the flick of a switch or a roll of a knob in any position. The switches effect lowers the mid response, opens up the treble and lifts the load for a more audible and responsive distorted image without volume loss for each pick, both, or one and not the other.


Body: One piece Swamp Ash with Doug Fir top cap

Neck: one-piece Genuine Mahogany

Set neck construction.

Indian Rosewood fingerboard

24.9" scale length

12" radius

21 frets

Hand carved bone nut

1-5/8" nut width

15-degree head stock angle

Hand carved volute

Eastern hard maple head cap veneer

Handmade one-way truss rod (Installed with curved slot and hard maple fillet)

The Tall Friend model electric guitar is made standard with one piece Swamp Ash body, Douglas Fir cap wood, hand carved into a beautifully arched top. With its contoured back of body, carved top and set mortise and tenon neck assembly, the Tall Friend is one of the most comfy, light weight and familiar feeling guitars made. The Tall Friend will be sure to deliver you a lifetime of play and reliability.


Neck pickup: Lil Trees Tech Bro.

Bridge pickup: Lil Trees Stud/Bud.

Volume, treble, bass circuit with three-way toggle switch.


Gloss Black nitrocellulose lacquer.

Neck wood will be buffed to gloss.

Head cap will be painted black with gold lettered decal and buffed.