pequeno hermano

Four string electric tenor guitar

Tall Friend

Short scale length electric guitar


long scale length electric guitar

channel cat

Shortish scale length electric baritone guitar

Dead Friend

Medium scale length electric bass guitar

Custom options are available. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Guitars described here on the website, are our standard models. The models we feel most confident with, the models we know you will be most proud to call your own.

All the models can have several different options included in the build. We have the option of nickel, chrome, black or gold in the hardware department, for almost all our guitar models.

We are not shy about spraying colors. In fact, we really hope you have ideas for this part of the build. This is one of those steps where you can really make one of our standard guitars, sincerely yours.

Because of our use of the Mini-humbucker pickup, we may have another option for you. We use a specific pickup ring that occupies the same type of route as a regular P-90 model pickup. We find this to be cool because we use the Stud/Bud a lot and that means; on any model using our Stud/Bud model Pickup, you can have the guitar made with either a standard P-90 or P-gnarly pickup, if the Stud/Bud does not suite the instrument. Giving you another way of getting your dream guitar.