Stomp Boxes

Thank you for having a look at the Lil Trees Guitar Co's line of dirt boxes!

Each of these pedals will give you a very unique and distinct distortion / overdrive characteristic. From one guitar player to another, we've all heard of these different types of topologies; Germanium, silicon, distortion, overdrive, fuzz, etc... A couple of these units will be a more standard pedal type, and a couple of these will offer you the ability to regenerate your clean signal (sound plugged into unit) while also allowing you the benefit of a wonderfully unique distortion sound. Like with everything else on the website, these pedals are each designed and manufactured in my garage, by me in every way. Click around and have a look/listen for yourself.

studio friend

selectable two stage distortion with re-boost

synesthesia distortion

clean buffer with transistor fuzz, and mixer/pre-amp

Roach Baby Fuzz

Silicon based fuzz pedal

Velvet Ant Fuzz

Germanium based fuzz pedal