Buzzcut Humbucker


Lil Trees PAF style humbucker with black bobbins and nickel open cover.

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The Buzzcut pickups are my spin on PAF style humbuckers. I believe all humbucker sets should offer a player three distinct EQ settings; not three different sounds. Each sound with its own personality and strike sensitivity. Each will sound to the ear not different from one another, but they will have different strong suits. Buzzcut neck pickups come in full and strong; with the hi end presence and full bodied bass, this pickup will remind you of your guitar while played unplugged on the couch; clear as a bell and a lot louder. When paired together, they are smooth, dynamic, snappy and rich with bass. It’s maybe the Buzzcut sets secret weapon; the tone you can achieve with the both of them on. The bridge Buzzcut model is sure to be a treat. A standard approach to a classic PAF style bridge pickup; only the Buzzcut bridge model is assembled using some of the new school advancements in its magnet and wire type. An unbelievable pickup set! If you’re using a tube or solid state amp; the Buzzcut set will be supplying you with some new expectations, not just meeting your current expectations.